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The Ayes Have It


I noticed a pickup camper with Virginia plates parked next to the garage. The metal skin was warped in places. The whole unit listed slightly to the side and looked like it had been around the track a few too many times. "I'll bet that's Arnie Dock's home away from home," I muttered. He obviously had not hit the road yet. I debated going over to talk to him. I didn't think he was a violent man, even though he had pushed me. I had provoked him. I finally made up my mind. No time like the present, I thought and started across the backyard.
A strong gust of wind almost swept me off my feet. I leaned forward, head down, and braced myself against the wind. Suddenly there was a loud bang, and I looked up to see that the door on the camper had been flung open. I stood still, expecting to see Arnie Dick emerge but no one appeared. I continued across the yard, stopping when I got to the metal step that gave access to the camper door in the back.
"Hello!" I yelled. "Anyone there?"
No answer. I grabbed the metal handle bolted next to the door ad pulled myself up. It was dark inside. I stepped into the camper and stood, waiting for my eyes to adjust to the dim light. A strange metallic odor permeated the air. The wind rocked the camper, and I put my hand against the wall for balance. Something wet and sticky met my hand and I jerked it back, wiping my fingers on my pants.
I slowly backed out of the camper and down the step. It had started raining, but I stood there and stared at my hand. It was stained with blood and there was a smear on my pants.
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